hagan machinery Boiler Feedwater Tank Supply And Install

CASE STUDY - Boiler Feedwater Tank Supply And Install (value $25,000)


Large abattoir SE Queensland


Manufacture and install Feed Water tank for Boiler


  1. Obtain customers initial requirements
  2. Investigate materials to use and pros and cons of each. This was presented to the customer for a decision to be made on their preference. Stainless steel was selected
  3. Supply quotation
  4. This job took a twist when the customer sourced a ready-made tank in Brisbane and asked us to price to install it. I went and had a look and quoted a price to install. This price was nearly twice the first quote.
  5. The customer some time later gave the order for the original quote.
  6. This job required specialist equipment (which we have) to roll the steam coils and plate sections.
  7. As per customers time line the old tank was removed and the new installed on a week end
  8. This job as with most at the abattoir require communicating and organisation between Hagan Machinery, customers supervisors, customers electricians and maintenance staff.


  • ✓  New tank installed prior to complete failure of existing tank minimising the chance of lost production
  • ✓  Cost effective price for the customer
  • ✓  In-house rolling equipment used to control quality for the customer
  • ✓  We helped the customer decide the best option (which tank)
  • ✓  We fitted in with the customer production
  • ✓  All done to safety standards