hagan machinery home Metal Fabrication

The capacity to offer a range of 'best fit' solutions to engineering projects.

Many fabrication projects taken on by Hagan's require electrical, mechanical & civil engineering expertise.

For example, Hagan's are industry leaders in the production of high quality conveying and elevating products for Agriculture and industry

Spiral Flighting for Agriculture & Industry

Hagan Machinery is experienced at designing and manufacturing custom spiral flighting systems for a wide range of agricultural & industrial applications. This has been a cornerstone of their business for over 40 years. Read more

Fabrication for Abattoirs

Hagan Machinery closely supports a number of abattoirs. Because of their capacity to deliver a wide range of engineered products and services to the meat processing industry, these abattoirs have come to rely on Hagan's for:

  • Screw conveyors
  • General fabrication
  • Repairs to equipment
  • Fabrication of power transmission machinery
  • Chains, sprockets and gears
  • The fabrication and installation of pipelines