hagan machinery Raise Roof For New Boiler Installation

CASE STUDY - Raise Roof For New Boiler Installation (value $28,000)


Large abattoir SE Queensland


Raise the roof on a building housing a boiler to accommodate a new larger Boiler


  1. Obtain customers initial requirements
  2. Supply quote
  3. Structural engineering carried out
  4. Draw for preliminary design
  5. Obtain customer approval
  6. Obtain council approval
  7. Fabricate
  8. Supply customer with timeline for work to be carried out
  9. Remove existing roof and construct new roof
  10. Need to liaise with customer though out project so they do not have any lost product


  • ✓  Within budget
  • ✓  No lost production time at abattoir
  • ✓  Simplified for customer (e.g. get permit)
  • ✓  Project went smooth due to communication
  • ✓  Benefit to customer that we are fabricators and builders