hagan machinery Replace Steam Coils In Tallow Tanks

CASE STUDY - Replace Steam Coils In Tallow Tanks (value $21,000)


Large abattoir SE Queensland


Replace steam coils in tallow storage tanks


  1. Obtain customers initial requirements
  2. Supply quotation
  3. Determine materials to be used
  4. Work out how task to be carried out
  5. Consult details with customer for approval
  6. Supply customer with timeline for work to be carried out
  7. Remove tanks on weekend
  8. Roll stainless steel pipe in our own machines
  9. Fabricate and install in tank
  10. Install and commission on site
  11. Communicate with customer on progress throughout the job


  • ✓  No lost production at abattoir due to upgrade
  • ✓  Due to being able to roll the pipes in-house the timeline was able to be met
  • ✓  Stainless steel will prove cost effective over the life of the tank compared to other materials
  • ✓  Came within budget