hagan machinery Storage Intake Screw Conveyor

CASE STUDY - Storage Intake Screw Conveyor (value $110,000)


Large egg supplier in SE Queensland


Install 500 mm diameter x 20 metre long silo intake screw conveyor


  1. Obtain customers initial requirements including capacity required now and in the future
  2. Compare options of drag and screw conveyor styles for the application
  3. Carry out costings for the options and determine the best option for the customer
  4. Supply quotation
  5. Determine the size and power requirements for the conveyor
  6. Design the support structure, screw conveyor and associated components required for the project
  7. This project needed to be constructed around existing silos, equipment and buildings and the layout was a critical part of the success of the project
  8. Installation needed to be done around normal feed mill production
  9. To achieve the successful completion of this job it was necessary to communicate with the customer and contractors


  • ✓  Breakdowns minimal with the new system
  • ✓  Increase capacity means faster unloading of transports
  • ✓  Future increase in capacity can be met now without alterations