hagan machinery Tallow Storage Tank

CASE STUDY - Tallow Storage Tank (value $70,000)


Large egg supplier in SE Queensland


The customer required a tank to store and maintain tallow for the feed mill at a set temperature


  1. Obtain customers initial requirements.
  2. Prepare a quote
  3. Research and determine potential options to meet the needs of the customer
  4. Critical things determined such as the temperature range that the tallow must be kept
  5. Storage capacity determined from discussions on usage and quantities the product can be purchased in
  6. Option for the heating of the product discussed and determined from available power
  7. Heat transfer rates determined from contractors and data available to ensure heat losses kept at acceptable levels
  8. Expert advice sort from mechanical and structural engineers, electrical contractors, insulation suppliers, tallow suppliers, feed mill operators and steel supply companies.
  9. This project was interesting in that the tallow was maintained at the temperature by heating water stored below the tallow. We needed to determine the size of the water storage and the number of electrical heating coils needed to maintain this temperature for the different production needs as well as seasonal temperature variation.
  10. It is fair to say that my uni studies I was doing at the time were a benefit


  • ✓  Larger storage capacity of tallow to meet production
  • ✓  New tank will have minimal maintenance compared to previous installation
  • ✓  Increased uniformity of quality of tallow due to temperature
  • ✓  New system computerised for efficient production
  • ✓  Less loss of energy due to heat transfer to atmosphere (good insulation)
  • ✓  Customer can buy tallow in bulk at better rates
  • ✓  Better use of space due to tank design
  • ✓  Safety due to nil leaks that cause slippery area