hagan machinery V Ram Pump Install



A large South East Queensland abattoir required installation of a V Ram Pump and associated structures in order to facilitate increased production at the plant.


Hagan Machinery was commissioned to:

  • Project manage the installation
  • Install approximately 100 metres of 300nb line pipe
  • The pipe was manufactured and installed to follow a route from V Ram to the storage bin.
  • The route had to take into account:
    • Existing machinery
    • Existing building structure (the pipeline was above ground, supported by the building and services bridge)
    • The need to simplify/straighten the route to minimize losses caused by bends/height changes
    • Accessibility for inspection and maintenance
    • Maintenance of structural integrity of the pipeline and existing equipment
  • Fabricate and install associated support structures
    • Installation of structural steel to the roof of the existing building to support the pipe
    • Reinforcement of the services bridge to carry the additional load of the new pipeline
    • Connection of pipeline to existing building columns
  • Install the V Ram pump in accordance with manufacturer's specifications
  • The installation was not to disrupt the day-to-day operation of the abattoir.


  1. Prior to quoting, Hagan Machinery liaised closely with abattoir management in order to accurately scope the project and clarify project deliverables.
  2. Gavin Hagan prepared a project plan identifying & allocating internal and external resources (human and material), identifying production milestones & performance indicators and setting timelines for each phase of the pipe and pump installation and commissioning.
  3. The pipe size and grade options were analysed in relation to availability, processing restrictions and cost. On the basis of this needs analysis, suitable materials were sourced.
  4. Gavin liaised closely throughout the operation with the pump supplier so that the installation would facilitate peak performance of the V Ram Pump.
  5. Hagan Machinery negotiated access times and protocols with abattoir management so that factory production was not impeded.
  6. Hagan Machinery sourced skilled contactors in Australia and overseas to implement the induction bending of the large pipes.
  7. As necessary, other expert consultants and contractors were employed to complement the skills of Hagan Machinery's in-house design and production teams. These included structural and mechanical engineers, a drafting contractor, electricians and plant operators
  8. Throughout the project Hagan Machinery deployed regular feedback loops were so that the client remained informed of progress, decisions could be taken quickly and the project milestones met within set timeframes.


  • ✓  The pipeline was installed within the required timeframe and budget.
  • ✓  There was no waiting time. The V Ram pump was installed on arrival from factory.
  • ✓  Commissioning was immediate and undertaken with minimal teething problems.
  • ✓  The abattoir lost no production time.
  • ✓  The customer achieved the increases in production as a result of the installation.