hagan machinery Precast Concrete Moulds

CASE STUDY - Precast Concrete Moulds (value $220,000)


Large Precast Concrete manufacturer based in SE Queensland (For a project in Darwin)


Supply 14 Culvert moulds in a given tight time frame for a project in Darwin


  1. Obtain customers initial requirements
  2. Prepare and submit quote
  3. This project required working with the customers in house design draftsperson to determine finished product sizes and mould requirements
  4. The projects major aim was to deliver the moulds one pair per week for 7 weeks
  5. Due to the tight time frame other contractors needed to be commissioned.
  6. This project also required manufacturing options analysed and costed against each of to come up with the best technique to produce the mould to the quality and timelines needed
  7. The customer sent their QA people from Brisbane to inspect the moulds prior to delivery
  8. The project went well and all deliveries were made on time
  9. This project we needed to work closely with the Brisbane QA people, customer management based in Brisbane, customer management team based in Darwin, contractors suppling us parts and the transport company


  • ✓  Customer got a quality product at a competitive price
  • ✓  Customer able to inspect in Toowoomba prior to transport to Darwin
  • ✓  Deliveries on time and therefore customer could produce immediately the moulds arrival at Darwin site
  • ✓  Hagan Machinery input added quality to the product ( straightness )
  • ✓  By working together Hagan Machinery's expertise and relationship with the customer grew